Step 1 : Login or Sign Up an Account with GetLah

Login or sign up with GetLah.my with your mobile phone number and email. In the registration page, fill in the required details, tick the agreement box and click “Sign Up”.

Step 2 : Browse for your Desired Items

Once you have logged in, browse for your desired items from our home page.


Step 3 : Place an Entry with your Gem

Click on your desired products, and use the Gems available in your account to place an entry.

Not enough Gem to play?

* Click on “TOP UP” or “+” button next to your Gem balance.

* Select the number of GEMS you wish to purchase.

* If you have any Promo Code, Insert your code under “Promocode” column.

* Click “BUY” and proceed for payment.

Step 4 : Complete your Challenge

Click on “Play Games”, follow the instruction and complete the challenge given to confirm your entry.

You can double check your entry status by clicking on “My Account” then choose “My Purchase” from the list, and also see if the confirmation email has arrived in your email inbox.


Step 5 : Choosing the Selected Buyer

When any product Entry-Bar has reached 100%, our system’s algorithm will choose the Selected Buyer for the product deal.

The Selected Buyer will then be notified via email, WhatsApp or phone-call.

Step 6 : Product Delivery and Post Selection Processes

Selected Buyer – The product will be shipped to the selected buyer’s location once all the requested details have been updated.

Unselected Buyers - Every Gems that were placed in by the unselected buyers will be refunded into GetPoints (1 Gem = 1 Point).


Step 7: Shop at GetMore

Enjoy the GetPoints you have collected by shopping or redeeming for more products at our GetMore page!

For any further queries, please refer to the FAQ or contact us through live chat.