Get Lah's FAQ

1) General Inquiries is a gamified shopping app, which combines the thrill of online shopping with skill and knowledge-based challenges, to form a highly captivating and enriching experience. Users will now have an opportunity of spending as little as MYR 1 for high-value products through crowdfunding method.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 Am-5.30PM. However, do not hesitate to contact us after the working hours via email, FB IM, and even WhatsApp; and we will reply your message during our next working day. If the situation/issue is critical and it happened during our off-hours, we will answer your message(s) as soon as possible.

Click Sign In -> Register. Then type in your mobile phone number. You will then receive an SMS containing the OTP code. Type in the OTP code you received and later fill in all the required details. Once this part is completed, you are officially a user of service.

Yes, all products displayed at are 100% genuine/original, supplied by a team of reliable, high-quality third-party retailers and manufacturers such as Lazada, direct from the brand’s respective official store and many other reputable local & international distributors.

*Login or sign up with

* Once logged in, browse for your desired item(s).

* Click on your desired products, and use the Gems available in your account to place an entry.

*Complete the challenge given to fully confirm your entry.

*You can double check your entry status by clicking My Account -> My Purchase, and also see if the confirmation email has arrived in your email inbox.

*After the Entry-Bar has reached 100% for the said item, we will announce the top 5 scorers and the winner of the product.

*The winner will be notified via email. (refer section 5 of the FAQ)

The Entry-Bar is the yellow and grey bar/line displayed below the item images. The function is to show everyone the participant percentage of the said product. It must reach 100% (turn completely yellow) before the stipulated deadline for us to decide the winners.

All products will be on display for up to 30 days (unless stated otherwise) or after the Entry-Bar has reached 100%.

You will be given a challenge that will test your skill and knowledge. You will receive a short instruction message before the challenge begin.

If The Entry-Bar did not reach 100% within the stipulated deadline, the Gems that you spent to obtain an entry will be returned to you, and you can reuse the returned Gems to obtain an entry for a different product. This also means no one wins the product and the product will be removed from our display site.

If you did not win any of the’s product, the Gems you spent to obtain an entry will be converted into GetPoints, which you can use to redeem any items on display at our GetMore (Mall) site. (refer section 3 of the FAQ).

2) Accounts & Profiles

*Click My Account -> My Account.

*Then you will see a section called User ID, and the series of numbers below it. That is your User ID. Your User ID is generated automatically by our system which you will not be able to change. Your User ID will be useful for you to obtain extra Gems via our Online Referral Programme. (refer section 3 of the FAQ)

User Name is the nickname you entered during the registration period, which will be on display when you are our top 5 participants for the products you just placed an entry to.

We take your online privacy matters seriously. Therefore, your first & last name, and address will never be revealed to the public, but we do need that information for our company’s reference.

You may email us at and tell us why you would like us to terminate your account. Since your Gems & GetPoints are non-refundable and non-transferable, we will need you to use up every bit of your remaining Gems and GetPoints first, before proceeding to terminate your account.

It is highly recommended that you entered every details correctly, before you confirmed any redemption at our GetMore (Mall) site. However, we will request you to double confirm all the requested details via email should you win anything at and will also display your full address at GetMore (Mall) when reconfirming all details for the item you are about to redeem. (refer section 7 of the FAQ)

Click My Accounts -> My Account, and edit the details that you want to amend/edit, EXCEPT your User ID, and your mobile phone number. These two which will not be allowed to be edit/amend.

It is not possible as our system will detect your email and/or phone number as an existing account, and therefore will not grant your requests to create a new account

For as long as your mobile phone number and email account are still able to login and use, you can still use the same login credentials in your new mobile phone / computer.

3) Online Referral Programme

A-Referee (New User), B-Referrer (Existing User)

During the Registration Process:

*After the OTP Confirmation (refer section 1-c), just type in your referrer’s USER ID (refer section 2-a of the FAQ) in the referral section. Complete the registration process.

* Both the Referee and the Referrer will receive 3 Gem each (Only 1 referrer USER ID for 1 new account)

If I forgot to key in my friend’s user ID during the registration process:

*Click Account -> Referral/promocode.

Type in your referrer’s USER ID number. (refer section 2-a of the FAQ)

* Both the Referee and the Referrer will receive 3 Gem each (Only 1 referrer USER ID for 1 new account)

*A new user are only allowed to key in JUST ONE (1) set of their friend’s/referral’s User ID.

*An existing user however, is strongly recommended to share his/her User ID to multiple new users, hence earning more Gems.

*The more new users entered your User ID as their referral, the more Gems you earn.

4) Gems

Gems represents credits in, which you will use to obtain an entry for the desired product. 1 Gem equals to RM 1.

In accordance to our terms and conditions, any Gems that were purchased by you are non-refundable and non-transferable to a different user account.

There are three (3) ways to earn / collect extra Gems.

* Click My Account -> Topup to purchase extra Gems. Make sure you have an active e-banking account and a debit card to complete the transaction.

*Share your User ID number with new users to earn extra Gems via our Online Referral Programme (refer to section 3 of the FAQ).

* Subject to availability, you may redeem extra Gems on GetMore (Mall) using your GetPoints balance. (refer section 5-d)

* If you receive any Topup discount/rebate coupons, just click My Account -> , and type in the coupon code in the coupon section, before purchasing.

*If you receive Free Gems Vouchers, just click My Account -> Voucher, and key in the voucher code.

As long as your account is still active, your Gems will never be expired.

5) GetPoints and GetMore

GetMore (Mall) is a reward marketplace for users to redeem products with GetPoints.

GetPoints is a secondary credit system you received if your entry was not listed to win a product displayed at You can use the GetPoints you received to redeem cool products on display at our GetMore site.

Just like Gems, GetPoints are non-refundable as cash and non-transferable to other users accounts.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to directly convert GetPoints into Gems. However, subject to availability, you may redeem extra Gems displayed at GetMore (mall) site using your GetPoints balance.

You will only receive GetPoints if your entries are not listed to win any prizes at The only way to gain extra GetPoints is to use Gems to obtain an entry for a product at and not being listed as a winner for product. Therefore, you will not be able to reload you GetPoints balance by topup feature or other methods.

Click My Account -> My Points. From there, you will see every item you have redeemed at GetMore (Mall) and its delivery status.

When you received this prompt when you tried to redeem an item, it means you did not have enough GetPoints balance to redeem the said item. The system will consider the transaction as a failed redemption. Therefore, no GetPoints will be deducted and you will not be receiving any items you tried to redeem; as if the order did not occur. (Refer Section 5-e on how to increase your GetPoint balance)

Warning: If you received this prompt and your GetPoints Balance was reduced, email us immediately at

Will my GetPoints ever expire?

6) Winner’s announcement and SOP.

Results will be revealed immediately after the Entry Bar of the displayed item has reached 100% and the winner has been selected. The winner will receive an email immediately after the result has been announced.

You will receive an email notification to double confirm all the necessary details to ship the prize to your location. You will then reply the email by telling us all the required information stated in the email.

(Reminder: The full address you entered in your profile will not be taken as default shipping address, therefore you must double confirm all the required information every time after you won a prize within 15 days. IF YOU FAIL TO DOUBLE CONFIRM ALL THE REQUIRED DETAILS, IT WILL REGARD AS FORFEIT – which means you will lose the prize you won)

You may appeal by emailing us the reason(s) why you could not respond to our double conformation notice in time (15 days), and also attaching the supporting documents in the said email to support your claim. We will review your appeal based on case per case basis.

All the item’s physical specifications will be displayed in the item details section, including colours if there are other variants. During the reconfirmation process, you may also write a paragraph titled ‘SPECIAL REQUEST’ if you want the product in a specific colour. However, your colour request is subject to availability and if the desired colour is currently unavailable, we will give you an exact same item in a different colour.

7) Return Policy

You are allowed to return and exchange the product if the item was either missing a certain part/component, a wrong item, or a damaged item. Other reasons will not be entertained.

If you received a damaged / incomplete / wrong product/item, do email us the picture of the items you received at WITHIN 48 HOURS. Once confirmed, we will provide you a return address, and we will replace the wrong / damaged / incomplete goods immediately.

Reminder - If we have not receive any complaints regarding the delivered product within 48 hours, we will consider the product was received in good condition, and any request to exchange the goods after this 48-hour period is subject to the manufacturer’s warranty policies.

All of the product’s warranty status will be written in the item description section.

8) Shipping & Delivery

No shipping fees will be charged/incurred to you for any products you won at The shipping fees is included in the package unless you gave us a wrong address and the prize was returned to us due to the wrong address issue (refer section 7-b).

You will not be able to change your delivery address once you have completed the reconfirmation process. Our customer service may be able to assist you if you reached us early enough. However if your prize has already been shipped to the given address and later returned to our office due to wrong address, you shall bear the shipping fees for us to re-deliver your prize to a correct location.

The shipping fees are already included in the item cost. There will be no other hidden charges unless the item was returned to sender due to wrong address, where the user shall bear the additional shipping fees to re-deliver the item to the correct location.

All you have to do is make sure the address you entered in your profile is correct and up to date.

Yes, you can. We will email you the tracking number and the courier’s name, and you can check the parcel’s status at the courier service’s website. For virtual (non-physical) products, no tracking number will be provided.

If you are unable to track your package on the courier tracking page, your parcel might have just been handover to our respective courier partner. The tracking information of our logistic partners will be available within 24 hours after shipping.

Please contact us at with your item's details and tracking number if you are still unable to track your parcel by the following business days after item has been shipped out. We will assist you to resolve the issue with immediate action.

After you have received your prize, we will contact you via phone and email requesting you to give us a customer testimony aka comments regarding our service for us to display on our webpage / FB page.

9) Payment & Voucher

At the moment, we will only accept online debit payment from every banking institutes in Malaysia. Other payment options will be available soon.

*During Gem top-up / reloading.

Send us an email at by attaching the e-invoice/bank in slip and transaction details, and/or screenshot the error-prompt message you received. We will later reconfirm your transaction status.

*During obtaining entry

A user can double check their entry status by clicking My Account -> My Purchase to see the items they had just obtained an entry to. If your My Purchase Page did not contain the item you had just obtained an entry earlier, and yet your Gems amount decreases, contact us immediately (email/chat/WhatsApp) and we will check your entry status.

*Sign up / Sign in with

*Click Account -> Voucher on the top left side of the screen.

*Key in the voucher code.

Reminder = Make sure that your voucher code is not expired, otherwise you will not receive anything from the voucher.

If you have Questions please contact us
  • Phone Number: +60172071255
  • Email Us: