About Us

Founded in 2019, Getlah is an innovative online shopping marketplace which enables consumer to purchase their desired products through social shopping. There are tonnes of opportunities for users to obtain exclusive, top-notch and popular products in the current market from GetLah!

Combining the thrill of online shopping with challenges based on skills and knowledge, stand a chance to win yourself some unique products with our highly captivating and enriching shopping experience! Psst, BUY ANYTHING FROM as low as RM1 ONLY at Getlah too!

Be worry-free as even if you did not win a product, shop at our GetMore platform for something more! We offer you a range of products with competitive prices that will guarantee your money spent worthwhile.

It is an out of the world shopping experience with GetLah! Want to tick off some items on your Wishlist? GetLah!


We aim to develop a social shopping platform that capitalizes on consumer demand, which offers users an opportunity to purchase their desired products at a fraction of their original costs while maintaining a fun and exciting shopping experience.


GetLah looks forward to becoming the premier choice and the industry leader in the market by incorporating rewarding and entertaining elements into online shopping experiences for our customers.

Why Choose us

Bring your online shopping experience to another level with GetLah!

Online Shopping vs Social Shopping

Online shopping has evolved over the years, and now it is not just plain browsing and purchasing as our pioneering e-commerce platforms. With GetLah, grant yourself opportunities to purchase items that you love at a SUPER LOW cost with social shopping which capitalizes on strong consumer demands!

With GetLah, there are NO losers but only WINNERS of different items!

Use Gems to purchase desired products and stand a chance to win prizes at a small fraction of their original costs!

Fair & Square

Winners will be chosen based on game performances, skills and time to complete the game. Announcement of the winners will be supported with a performance Chart to ensure no biasness is involved.

A Rewarding Shopping System Like No Other

Did not win anything with GetLah? Fret not! Your Gems will be converted to GetPoints.

Spend your GetPoints here to purchase a wide range of items. Users will still benefit from GetMore as the price of the items are competitive compared to other online shopping platforms.

Get yourself a rewarding and fun-filled online shopping experience with GetLah & GetMore today!

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